To shake up the conventional wisdom…

We don’t need to spend astronomical amounts of money to dress well, or go to 8 stores to find an available salesperson or a garment in our size.
No need either to have to fit into a predefined size: M or L ? 40 or 42 ? And what if my arms are longer than the garment supposed to fit me?

If you want to offer standard sizes, ready-to-wear doesn’t fit anyone (at least not our customers).
So why force yourself into something that is not made for your body?
We analysed the limits of ready-to-wear and decided to propose an innovative solution for everyone.

… and make custom-made clothing affordable…

In order to offer a cut adapted to each person, in quality fabrics and solid finishes, we have turned to tailor-made garments.

We offer affordable made-to-measure suits thanks to our logistics without intermediaries and by eliminating the charges that inflate prices for other brands. For example, we work without a shop and without the need for storage, so we make considerable savings on rent, which we pass on in our selling price. This is how we are able to offer a price/quality ratio that has never been achieved before.

Our tailor-made suits are at the same price and even cheaper than famous ready-to-wear brands. We offer a quality of fabric and assembly superior to most of these brands: no polyester or thermo-glued interlining, which is so common in “high-end” ready-to-wear suits.

To go even further, we have developed an innovative method to allow you to choose your suit without moving from home. Learn more about our Specialist Suit at Home method. Suit Specialist

…without destroying the planet

It may seem incredible, and it surprised us a lot, but a good part of the clothes produced each year (almost 130 billion garments, 60% of which are made of polyester) are thrown away in the year they were bought. As for the unsold, they are simply destroyed. This is a colossal waste of energy and resources for the planet which has “produced for nothing”.

We are at the height of a market in a situation of overproduction, which produces so that every garment is available everywhere, at the same time. But at what price for the planet and for the human lives involved?

We want to make changes in the textile industry, starting with overproduction. Our model allows us to produce only those garments that are ordered by our customers. This means that there are no storage or supply problems to anticipate, no unsold goods to destroy and therefore no waste of resources.
But who are we?

Born in Paris, from the initiative of a collective of designers, we imagine a future for fashion where brands only produce what is consumed, where each product is designed for its user and where we buy clothes not according to the trend but according to our needs.

We offer a tailor-made service, accessible from anywhere in the world, for men and women, all at no extra cost to the customer.


  What if the Future of Fashion was to buy less to buy better?


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