All our fabrics are selected from the best drapers in Europe and Asia.
The fabric is presented to you during the appointment with your Suit Specialist, during which you can appreciate the colour and pattern before confirming your choice or changing your mind.

We offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee to each customer: a garment whose cut is not suitable will be taken care of, at our expense, to offer you the garment that best suits your outline.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Beyond these commitments, we want to go further. Because we believe in the future, we want to make Fashion a cleaner and more respectful industry by reducing our impact on the world and allowing our customers to participate in this vision.
Thus, we promote, in the development of our company and with our service providers, the use of green technologies, recycling and the use of renewable energies. We banish the use of chemical elements that are harmful to the environment and to mankind, campaign for the respect of animal welfare and are committed to a continuous improvement and questioning of our methods and the methods of our service providers.
We guarantee the respect of international environmental and social standards throughout our production process, because we believe in environmentally friendly fashion.

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