More than just a service: it’s an experience. You can now express every aspect of your personal style through your clothing. From the collar to the fabric, you can choose according to your style and your body shape.

A garment that suits you starts with a discussion with one of our team’s advisers. Make an appointment wherever you want: at your home, your office, your hotel… wherever you want. We come to meet you to make you live the experience of tailor-made clothing at home.

We have identified 3 main sources of dissatisfaction during an online shopping experience: Cut, Quality and Delivery time.

The Cut

When I order clothing online, oftentimes it doesn’t fit me. The sleeves are too short or the collar of the shirt too wide for example. It has become a real headache to get dressed without trying several shops or websites, and none of them are the same size!
Thomas, 33 years old, Dijon

We guarantee a perfect fit, adapted to every outline. For this purpose, our team of specialists is trained to take measurements for all body shapes.

After validating your suit, you make an appointment with a specialist who will measure you. He can meet you at your home, your office or at a coworking office partner Wework or Spaces.

The Quality

Sometimes, I send back the garment that I have just received because the fabric is not pleasant or the color does not look the same on the website.
Emma, 26 years old, Paris

This is normal, many factors are involved in the perception of the garment from a simple photo on a site.
At Mendo Suits, no disappointment when you receive your order. The fabric is presented to you during your appointment, you will be able to choose it from a wide selection of the best drapers from Europe and Asia.
Our experts will assist you and advise you on the style and colours best suited to your desires and needs.


A month before my wedding, I got a call that my suit would be delivered after the wedding, almost 4 months late since my order. I cancelled my order and found a last-minute solution.
Jacques, 30 years old, Edinburgh

Our delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks for all orders. In some cases, we can speed up production to deliver within 10 days. A world record for a made-to-measure garment. Of course, delivery is free of charge.

Once we receive your order, we will assist you during the fitting and determine together if a touch-up is necessary. The price of the alteration is at our expense.


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